Prix du Meilleur polar Points décerné à Tana French

Cécile Mazin - 14.01.2013

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Durant une cérémonie qui se déroulait à l'hôtel Lutetia, au coeur de Paris, que l'éditeur Points-Seuil avait organisée, a été remis le Prix du meilleur polar, décerné cette année à la romancière Tana French, pour son livre, Les lieux infidèles. 


L'occasion de découvrir un premier roman, originellement publié chez Calman-Levy, alors que l'auteure sortira son prochain livre en avril.  





Et l'auteure a d'ailleurs accompagné ses remerciements d'un petit mot - le français, excellent, est d'ailleurs de sa plume. :  

Bon soir, et merci beaucoup d'avoir accorde ce prix a mon livre Les Lieux Infideles - c'est pour moi un grand honneur, et j'en suis tres touchee.
I've always had a special love for the French use of language - I think French poetry and French songs are some of the most beautiful in the world - so I was delighted when I found out that my books were going to be translated into French. Now finding out that Les Lieux Infideles has been chosen by readers, who are just as passionate about mystery books as I am, is amazing.
I think both crime writers and crime readers are people who are in love  with mystery, who are always looking for the potential mystery in everything. That's how Les Lieux Infideles came about/ I was walking home one day and I passed one of the old Georgian houses we have in Dublin. It was being emptied - outside it was a skip full of rubbish, and on top of the skip was an old, battered, blue suitcase. And I started looking for the potential mystery. I started wondering: who left that suitcase there? Did he or she intend to come back for it? What stopped him or her? And what if someone was waiting for her to come back, and the rediscovery of that suitcase, all these years later, drew him back to a neighbourhood and a family he had left long ago? I wanted to know the answers to those questions - and the only way to find out was to write the book.
Merci d'avoir decide d'explorer ce mystere avec moi, et j'espere que nous nous retrouverons souvent dans d'autres lieux mysterieux.


Un livre à découvrir, avant la prochaine soirée, autour du prix du Meilleur Roman...